Welcoming our Summer 2023 Collection

This season, we are proud to have launched a completely transformed new collection of Double and Single Lilos and introduce our newest upholstered inflatable product category, The Ring. 

After months of design iteration, countless renders, piles of swatches and walls of moodboards we decided on a refined core collection of six fabrics.

The Fabrics

As you know, all of our fabrics are solution dyed acrylic outdoor performance fabrics, and sourced from industry-leader, Sunbrella. Making our signature covers water resistant in both chlorine and salt, UV and fade-resistant, mold and mildew resistant and bleach cleanable. 

A birds eye view of a white solution dyed acrylic fabric with a terry towel finish.


Cloud is a beautiful woven fabric. Even though it is 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic the weaving techniques allows for the finish of almost a Terry Towel. It's so comfortable and so lush, and we couldn't be happier with the final feeling of these lilos.

A birds eye view of two solution dyed acrylic fabric rolls.

Mistral & Stone

Mistral and the Stone brought about a new complexity to our tailoring design... repeating patterns. We become almost obsessive with every element of our product design journey and the repeating pattern was no exception.

Our covers are not easy to upholster; the Singles Lilos alone have 28 separate panels that need to be assembled to make our Single Lilos. Similar to high-end tailoring, the complexity comes with aligning the patterns with a process called pattern making. For example, making sure that the pattern on the sleeve of your stripe shirt aligns in a way that just feels natural and almost goes unnoticed.

A birds eye view of three solution dyed acrylic fabric rolls.

Linen, Regatta and Botella

When you make a plain pattern this is relatively simple as you don't need to align the repeating patterns. Stripes are marginally more complex but fabrics with large repeating patterns was a fascinating process to master. If you look at the seams of our lilos you'll be able to appreciate the craftsmanship of our designers, tailors and pattern makers.

The Rings

Upholstering round objects is not simple to say the least. We went through around 10 samples, tinkering with the patterns, paddings, trims and zippers. Even changing the patterns according to the different colourways. In the end, our Ring uses 33 panels and our tailors even coined the nickname 'Spider-Web Pattern' due to its complexity. 

The Parts

Marine Grade

All of our products are marine grade and crafted with marine-grade trims. Utilising YKK Vilson #5 Zippers and Stainless Steel Eyelets stitched together using Tenara Thread with a Phifertex Base make them unparalleled in quality to any other pool float on the market. 

The USB rechargeable pump 

Then of course, inflation and deflation. Every Oliver James Lilo comes with a free USB rechargeable pump. Meaning you can simply inflate and deflate your pool floats within 80 seconds. 

The TPU inflatable Core

Our inflatable cores are crafted from a material called Thermoplastic Polyurethane. TPU is a recyclable performance material and industry known to be the best material to make performance inflatables. Being extremely durable and puncture resistant means we can have you floating for many, many summers to come. 

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We hope you appreciate and enjoy your Oliver James Lilo, every piece of craftsmanship, design and engineering is done to ensure we allow you to truly experience the never ending summer. 

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