Hammock | Orange | Perfect Moment

Limited Edition

Oliver James Lilo's Hammock  luxury pool float in collaboration with Perfect Moment.

The Collection:
“This lilo looks like something straight out of a Slim Aarons photo.”
"Luxurious and inspired by iconic destinations like the Hamptons and Los Angeles"
“As Finding Nemo proved, water-bound life is so much more fun when you've got a pal alongside you. That's why we love Oliver James’ Lilos”
“The most desirable object to ensure a summer of sweet baths or loving outdoor naps with your favourite human being (or, if you prefer, enjoying self-esteem with an extra space).”
“This attention to material design shows. Oliver James lilos are comfy and expansive in a way that traditional pool floats can't even begin to touch”
A women unrolling and inflating a pool hammock for adultsA white luxury pool hammock being unpacked from a suitcase on a bed

Long-lasting luxury, Comfort and Stability

Our Hammock Lilos are constructed from the finest outdoor performance fabrics and materials, offering durability and resistance to the elements. Able to comfortably support two adults floating.

Transport with Ease

From your New York apartment to the Hamptons, studio in Bondi beach straight to the sand or London townhouse direct to the hotel pool in Ibiza, our Hammock Lilos are designed to travel with you.

Quick and effortless set-up

Simply unstrap and unroll your hammock, inflate with your lungs and you're ready to float.

Icon of a stick figure sitting on a beach float for adults

Weightless Floating

Supremely comfortable floating experience

Icon of a stick figure blowing up a luxury floating pool hammock

Inflate/deflate 30s

No need for a pump, just use your lungs

Chlorine, Saltwater and Fade Resistant

Designed to be used in the toughest marine environments

Engineered Inflatable Cores

Best material sourcing, structures, welding practices and quality control

1-Year Full Warranty

We want to hear from you - let us know if you have any problems

An orthographic drawing of a luxury pool hammock for adults from multiple angles


An orthographic drawing of a luxury pool hammock for adults from multiple angles


A photo of the Maybourne Riviera overlooking the ocean

A luxurious hospitable summer season

We have been both humbled and blessed over the past three years to partner with some of the most renowned boutique hotels and collections from across the globe.