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$4,200.00 USD

Deep Red | JAY AHR

This deep Red lilo is the perfect place to lie back and enjoy a luscious sunset. A striking interpretation of the Persian Rug and crafted through Cross Stitching embroidery by Jay Ahr.


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An iconic object capturing the mood of the perfect summer’s day, Oliver James Lilos are the quintessential designer float. Whether lazing by the pool, lakeside, open water or simply basking in the sun, these beautifully upholstered inflatables are redefining our most precious leisurely moments. Jay Ahr transforms this luxury lounger with a striking interpretation of the Persian Rug in vibrant cross-stitch embroidery.

The most celebrated expression of craftsmanship from one of our most ancient civilizations, the Persian carpet has come to symbolize heritage, creativity, hospitality, and travel. Jay Ahr’s signature distressed embroidery technique references the Pazyryk Carpet, the oldest known carpet in the world. Durable and lightweight, the Jay Ahr Lilo can be used both indoors and outdoors. So, lie back, kick off your shoes and dream away.


Oliver James x JAY AHR lilo; cover and inflatable

USB Rechargeable Pump
Custom Storage Strap
Custom lilo bag
Custom Pump Bag
TPU Repair Patches
Custom Owner's Manual