Our resident ‘Damsel in Dior’ Jacey Duprie talks to us this week about everything from favourite homewares, the ins and outs of being a creative director, and how she’s come to appreciate the little luxuries at home in the midst of family life in lockdown.

Oliver James: Jacey, tell us a little bit more about who you are, what you do, and how the platform ‘Damsel in Dior’ came to be?

Jacey: I'm a Texas born farm girl named Jacey Duprie. I have been married for 10 years to Grant and we have a 2.5 daughter named June. I love chicken fingers, swimming pools and driving barefoot. I'm the blogger behind a fashion and lifestyle blog called Damsel in Dior. I started the blog 10 years ago on my honeymoon and it's slowly grown into something much bigger! I also collaborate with companies like Amazon, Summersault and Splendid to design clothing collections which we license under my name. I'm writing my first book, which will release in Summer 2022. In addition to this, I'm the Creative Director for a brand called 1212 and work in the interior design space with Grant. We're migrating into the vacation home rental industry with our first project in Lake Arrowhead this year which will be available to rent soon!

Oliver James: Has your approach to design and décor changed now that we are spending more time at home?

Jacey: To start, we moved homes and I would say that our design choices have changed quite drastically (ha!). Before the pandemic, we lived in a 100-year-old house that included a very eclectic blend of decor from vintage pieces around the world. While we still appreciate vintage design and have included a lot of it in our new home, we were craving a more modern build. The older home felt incredibly dark and moody which was very stylish, but it felt a bit too dark. We were craving light, airy and cheery as the last year felt very dark and heavy in more ways than one. We moved into a modern farmhouse that is an open floor plan and feels happier!

Oliver James: how would you define your personal style and aesthetic?

Jacey: I like to think that my personal style is very minimal, classic and versatile. I like to invest in everyday pieces that can easily mix and match with my entire wardrobe.

Oliver James: Top styling tip?

Jacey: Less is always more - with clothing and home decor.

Oliver James: Three items you can’t live without?

Jacey: After the past year my answer has definitely changed. While people are not "items" I would have to say: Family, good health and a strong SPF ;)

Oliver James: How have you found your experience with your Oliver James Lilo’s?

Jacey: To say that I am obsessed would be an extreme understatement. Finally, there are stylish, classic and incredibly practical pool floats that look great, feel great and are versatile. I'm so proud of them - every time friends come over; I brag like a proud mom.

Oliver James: One rule to live by?

Jacey: Breathe. Smile. Buy the dress. Life is short.

Website: https://damselindior.com/
Instagram: jaceyduprie